Word-Up Delhi – The Day That Was


Fresh out of the awesomeness of Delhi, the team is pumped for more. Bangalore, here we come!

But before we get to Bangalore, let’s recap the day that was, July 11th, 2015, Word-Up Delhi. A day filled with insane energy that’s akin to Delhi. Let’s relive the epic day speaker by speaker.

It would be really unfair to start this without a mention to the Delhi rains, sure we love rains, but it made getting to the venue a whole lot difficult. But that’s that, the rock solid Delhiites weren’t going to be deterred by some rains. They showed up! and how. We had a full house in almost no time, and folks kept coming till much after the event started. Hats off to Delhi’s determination.

The day kicked off with Welcome notes from the Indiblogger team, followed by Vuksan Rajkovic from the .Me Team and finally your ‘Hosts’ (pun intended) Aashish Nanavati from BigRock. Post that, the event kicked off with an amazing Keynote from Pops, a.k.a Mr. KV Sridhar, an Advertising veteran with over 33 years of experience. Pops shared some seriously amazing insights on the values of Brand Communication. The award winner, shared brilliant videos, to further drive the point home.

Following up on that amazing session was another legend, Mr. Lakshmipathy Bhat of bhatnaturally.com . A self proclaimed Apple lover and a marketing genius, Mr. Bhat outlined the love/hate story between brands and bloggers. He shared some great pointers to rookie bloggers dealing with brands and the temptations there-off.

Next up was the Doctor turned Food blogger, the brains behind saffrontrail.blogspot.in Mrs. Nandita Iyer who talked about going beyond blogging. Nandita, stressed on the importance of passion while writing. “If you write about something after 10 years, that’s the topic you should focus on” that was the core message she shared with the audience.

Talking about Passion, led us straight to the car lover turned blogger, Rachit Hirani of motoroctane.com fame. He cut to the chase with his topic Content Is King (none can argue with that). Not only did Rachit share some fantastic tips, he nailed the talk with 3 key points, Be Patient, Have Faith in yourself and last but not the least, Have Fun with it. Right on Mr. Hirani, couldn’t agree more.

Lunch followed Rachit’s session and after a scrumptious meal and a couple of beers, it was Kiran Manral who took center stage. This ex-journalist and a published Author shared pearls of wisdom with the audience. Not only did she highlight the importance of replying to comments, she shared a bunch of valuable tips that folks were clearly seen jotting down.

Post a quick comedy session came Mr.Vishal Shroff from the famed halls of Google to share key info on consumption trends and monetization. No surprises, the bloggers literally hounded Mr.Shroff with questions post his talk which he was happy to answer.

Then came the turn of the Web 2.0 legend Mr.Arun Nair of indianeye.org who shared 25 amazing tips on promoting a blog. Pens hit paper and danced to the tune of Mr.Nair’s voice, taking notes. Some gems including the value of consistency, calendaring and so on came out of this session.

Last but not the least came the award winning Aashish Chopra from ixigo.com. Aashish was a rockstar on stage sharing key tips and experiences on making viral videos. Having a bunch of viral videos under his belt, Aashish had the game locked down and shared some fantastic tips including the use of Facebook and other video making advise.

The event finished in style with a closing note from Mr.Laxmipathy Bhat. Mr.Bhat summarized the key leanings for the day with one awesome point: Passion. Point of View. Perseverance. The 3 words that it all comes down to, well said, Mr.Bhat, we couldn’t have said it any better.

With that, the epic day came to it’s conclusion, Prizes we’re announced, winners rejoiced and as we looked back at a thrilling day, in our hearts, the race to Word-Up Bangalore began.


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