Blogging Tips by Amit Agarwal [Video]

It’s almost a month since the WordUp event took place but the memories are still fresh. The amount of blogging knowledge shared during the event was truly phenomenal. We were highly privileged to have a great set of speakers who have been in the Indian Blogosphere for a while and have tasted success.


Amit Agarwal |

One of the speakers was none other than Amit Agarwal. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would probably know that he’s India’s first Professional Blogger and the founder of a very popular technology blog called Digital Inspiration. Amit has left behind an IT career with companies like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch to start his professional blogging career in the year 2004. It’s been ten years and he’s still going strong. We were fortunate to have him at WordUp where he shared his Blogging Tips with us. If you couldn’t make it then don’t worry, here’s a video of what you missed.

Here’s the list of online tools as recommended in the video by Amit Agarwal

We hope you’ve noted down all the tips as mentioned by Amit in the video. We bet you’ll agree that he’s truly inspirational. We’ll be sharing videos of the other speakers over time. Stay tuned to catch all the gyaan 🙂

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