Installed WordPress? 7 things you must do next

So you just installed WordPress, that’s pretty Awesome. You’re now part of a platform that powers more than 23% of the web. WordPress is good, but you can make it awesome with a few changes that need to be done as soon as the WordPress installation is completed. The process can get overwhelming but hey, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the 7 most important actions you must take after you’ve just installed WordPress.



1] Secure Your Site: Though WordPress is one of the best and easiest Content Management Systems out there, it’s not the most secure. Hackers consider WordPress sites to be easy targets and the numbers have backed their claim. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be fixed, plugins like BulletProof Security and WordFence Security are some popular plugins that can rectify this very issue. But for the ultimate solution you can rely on SiteLock to do the protecting.

2] Fight Spam: Spammy comments are a real pain, we say this because we had to deal with them back in the day. But then we found Akismet, an Anti-Spam plugin that does it’s job pretty well. Good Bye Spam!

3] Update Permalink structure: Your default WordPress permalink structure is not very Search Engine friendly. We all know and understand how important SEO is for making a successful blog. This is easy to fix, just Login and get into Settings >> Permalinks and select the โ€˜Post Nameโ€™ option. Works wonders for your SEO efforts.

4] Update Site Title and Tagline: These two details show up in your site’s search results, so make sure you change/update this accordingly.

5] Speed up your site: Your website needs to be speedy or else search engines will push you down the search engine results. You can easily achieve a faster site with a use of a cache plugin. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are favorites among WordPress users and gets the job done.

6] Install a SEO Plugin: You can’t deny that SEO is super important for your site. To make your website SEO friendly and to ensure that you get more visibility for your blog posts, you need to optimize it by using a SEO plugin. Majority of the WordPress users including us will suggest WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast to get this task out of the way.

7] Build a Backup Strategy: Nothing’s more painful than losing your website. So before you make any changes to your new site, we recommend or rather ‘you should’ build a backup strategy. WordPress lacks a backup option by default hence you’ll have to rely on plugins. We’ve tried and tested a few and can easily recommended UpdraftPlus for it’s features and functionality. If you need an even better system to backup your website then you should totally check out CodeGuard.

That’s it folks, that’s what you need to do right after you install WordPress and just before you write your first blog post. Have any questions? Drop it in the comments section below and we’ll make sure to answer them ๐Ÿ˜‰

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