Best Free WordPress Themes – Edition April 2015

We did some looking around to find you some of the best new free WordPress Themes for the April edition. We’re pretty convinced with the way each of these themes look and function and we’re quite sure you’ll love them too. So without further ado lets checkout the WordPress themes.

1] Radcliffe: Responsive in nature, Radcliffe is built for bloggers who want their content to take the center stage. The theme demo clearly showed off its beautiful design and typography. You’ll be pleased to know that custom logo and accent color are supported by this theme. Give it a second look and you’ll realize that the Radcliffe can be great for photographers too.




2] RokoPhoto Lite: Photographers are in for a treat today, RokoPhoto Lite is another theme that looks great for a portfolio website. The design is very simple with the main focus on the image and content. Bloggers and writers may also find this an interesting theme to work with.



3] Casper: This WordPress theme is a port of the default theme from the new Ghost Blogging platform. The developer has tried to bring the two worlds together with this theme but making sure to use the features of the WordPress platform. You can easily customize the theme through the WordPress Customizer Menu. We honestly think that personal bloggers will love the simple design of the Casper theme.



4] Gateway: “Beautiful” is all we can say when we look at this new free WordPress theme. Gateway has a very versatile design and will easily appeal to personal bloggers, writers and businesses. The theme is highly customizable and allows a custom logo upload and changes to the accent color and background settings.



That’s it folks, we hope you loved this month’s list of the best free WordPress themes. If you’ve had experiences using any of these themes then drop a comment below and share it with us.


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