What’s CodeGuard?

There’s a huge fan following for time travel movies. Classic movies like Terminator and Back to the Future still get sci-fi fans all revved up. These movies have left an impact on most of us and we only wish that time travel was possible. With advancing technology, a day will come when time travel will be a reality, but till then the only savior that we have is CodeGuard.

No, no, this is not something that will physically take you back in time but is something that will end up saving a lot of your time, money and efforts that you have spent on your website. At this point in time, we’re sure that you have too many questions built up around CodeGuard. We’re here to explain how CodeGuard works and why you should opt in for it. To begin with, let’s quickly take a look at this video.

Liked the video, we bet you’ll love CodeGuard too. No one likes to see their website go down but no one can predict a server crash or hackers hit list. All you can do is prepare for the worst and avoid the time and money consuming process to get your website back up again. Here’s how CodeGuard works to save your work, time and money when disaster strikes.



Yes it does look simple but the technology that drives CodeGuard is pretty awesome. Some of the most popular websites like TechCrunch, Mashable, Yahoo etc rely on CodeGuard for their website Backup. Check out the features that make the CodeGuard so awesome.

  • Backup Everything: Backup your website files and your databases
  • Automatic Backups: Any changes made to your site are automatically backed up
  • Protect your Site: Get notified of un-authorized changes made to your site
  • Time Machine: Restore your site from any of the multiple versions stored
  • Monitor: Get notified of changes made to your site, including database changes

Can’t wait to get started? All you need to do is choose from the various plans and go through a hassle free one step setup process. Once your setup, you can say goodbye to your worst nightmares because your website has the ultimate back and disaster recovery buddy – CodeGuard.

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