What the World Would Be Like If Websites Didn’t Exist

We browse through more than hundreds of sites in day for our daily dose of information, entertainment and social interaction. Websites have become an important part of our life and it’s easy to say that we can’t live without it. But have you ever wondered what the world would be like if websites didn’t exist? We lost a breath when we first thought about it but we’ve penned down some points to share with you.

1] No easy information: No websites means no search engines and no search engines means your only source of information will be books.


2] Long Queues: With no websites around your online shopping and bill payment options don’t exist. This means you will have to stand in long queues to pay your bills and not to forget the long crowded checkout lines at shopping centers. Flash Sales are going to get even crazier.




3] Few Customers: A business website can attract customers from all over the world but without them growth and scalability will only be words from the dictionary.


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4] Life Partner: With no matrimony websites, finding your perfect life partner from across the globe will be next to impossible 😉

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5] One less Platform: With no websites around, the only way you can spread your ideas and thoughts is by addressing a huge crowd. Your reach is always going to be very less without a website.


6] No Virality: The only thing that can go viral is your fever.


7] Less Social: Making new friends and catching up with the old ones around the world will be difficult with no social network sites. Worse, you will not be able to stalk your crush 😛


Though we can go on and on, we believe that these points have driven the point home. Practically any idea can make it online, can shape the world and make a difference. Fancy creating your own website? Get started today.

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