Website Catastrophes that make people go Arghhhh!!!

We visit so many websites in a day, some good and some not even worth mentioning. But what makes you go berserk when you a visit a website. We asked a few of our own employees to help us with the things that make them go Arghhhh when they are on a website. Let’s take a look.

  • Search Bar: If you are an Ecommerce site with very few products then having no search bar is an acceptable offence 😉 but not when you are a website with heap loads of products or articles. Search makes it easier for anyone to find what they want from your website. Deprive them of this privilege and they will go full ape.


  • Pop ups: You might be in the middle of reading a very interesting article and BANG, there is pop asking you to like or share them or even sign up to their newsletter. It gets really frustrating especially when the pop shows up on every page of the website.


  •  Font: The readability factor of your website depends a lot on the font you choose. Fonts have evolved over the years and are responsible for a clean and beautiful web. A bad font could kill the reading appetite of your website visitor and they are not going to like this.


  • Navigation: Your website visitors need to find their way around your website. A good navigation menu will help you achieve it. A link to go back to the homepage should be easily visible on each and every page of your website, just in case any of your visitors get lost on your website. These are just the basics of a good navigation system for your website and can be easily achieved.


  • Sign up forms: There are many websites out there that only allow using their website after a sign up. That’s not a big issue unless the form is asking so much information that one could write a biography on you. Please keep the form small and simple and if possible try using the feature “Connect with Social Media accounts”, your visitors will love you for this.


  • Mobile friendly: With more and more mobile internet users it is imperative that you either build a mobile website or design your website to be responsive. Reading a desktop version of your website on a small device can be real irritating and can make you hate your awesome [expensive] phone.


  • Background music: This element of a website had become cliché in the early 2000’s itself but for some reason we still find background music with a large number of websites that are live today. Let’s face it, your visitors might spare you for a few design errors but this is something that is unforgiveable. Take it down now or say goodbye to your website traffic.


Honestly, it is all about making it as convenient as possible for your website visitors and not to forget awesome content. Don’t worry, if your website has been a victim of the above issues, all is not lost. Just ensure that you stay away from the above blunders. You can also check out these articles to help you improve your website.

Remember this formula, a great website is directly proportional to better website traffic and better website traffic is directly proportional to a happy and awesome you.


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