The only sites you need for Web Design Inspiration

Great design is the work of creative minds. But sometimes the creative juices just seize to flow and you can find yourself in a fix. While changing your workspace and rethinking your entire work process are ways to think differently, sometimes all you need to do is see great work to get inspired. For all such situations here is our list of must visit places for all your design food.

Design inspiration: We don’t have to say much about this website, the name says it all. You can find some of the most unthinkable design ideas and there will be times where you will go “Why did I not think of this” 😛 The site is beautiful, with minimum distractions, no categories, just a search box and a great feature to search by color. That’s right you can search for designs that are using the color that you love. Also after a recent update, once you login in to your account you will notice that your feed is full of designs of the people you followed. We’d recommend not using any search, just keep scrolling and keep getting inspired.

Dribbble: This portal was specifically built for all designers, developers and other creative folks to showcase their talent to the world. You can follow your favorite designers, friends and also share your work with them, however you will need an invitation from an existing member to do this. What we really liked about Dribble is that every art work is accompanied with the palette of colors which were actually used. This came in handy particularly when we were trying to find images with similar colors.

Behance: Just like Dribble, Behance is another great platform to showcase and discover creative work. In fact these two are the most widely used and popular destinations for all designers. What keeps them apart is the ability of Behance to upload an entire project in one go, which is not possible with the later. What’s also cool is that you can follow all your favorite designers to keep a track of all their new work. It’s easy to find creative work as they have well defined creative fields (categories) and you can also filter using most viewed and most liked. Although we believe that design is universal and a single community the ‘find designs as per country’ option can be good for people to find local designers (maybe for jobs/project proposals).

Pinterest: It is going to be rare if you have not heard about this phenomenon. Pinterest is a platform where ideas can be discovered for any project or interest, hand-picked by people like you. You can find stuff of your interest (pins) and save them to your boards to be viewed for a later time. This platform is very image centric and hence it is a perfect junction to share and showcase awesome design work. You can find tons of new ideas as food for your design inspiration here. We would love to give you a head start with Pinterest so check out this board.

There you have it, that’s our list of places to visit, for some really sweet design inspiration. So what are you waiting for, go feast your eyes and get your design instinct tingling.


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