SiteLock Unleashed

“Hacked”, “Data Stolen” or “Site taken down”. If you are a website owner, these words might just send a shiver down your spine. In todays age, everyone wants to create an online identity in the form of personal or business website. Some of these websites hold user sensitive data and can be attacked by hackers. These attacks can get your website blacklisted by Google which could result in falling search engine rankings. If your website has ever been hacked or blacklisted by Google, you know things get really difficult and frustrating. But you can now live fearlessly, thanks to a new product made live at BigRock. World meet SiteLock.

 What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is an online security system for all websites. It not only provides security for your amazing website but also runs daily scans to detect Malware and protect your website and its users. SiteLock -“Find”, “Fix” and “Prevent” all sorts of attacks and threats to your website in less than five minutes.  Besides security, SiteLock also provides CDN services which is going to boost your site to the next level.

What does it offer?

  1. 360° Website Scanning: SiteLock provides daily scans and ensures each file and application is compared to industry standards. This allows the tool to identify any sort of malware on the site, which is immediately notified to you via sms or email.
  2. TrueShield Web Application Firewall:  Your website’s login portal is often attacked by hackers, using bots. If they get through then you’re giving complete control of your website to them. SiteLock helps protect your website from these bad entities and also help in eliminating Spammers.
  3. TrueSpeed Acceleration(CDN): This is an additional feature from SiteLock which helps your website load faster. Faster load time makes a great performing website with greater conversions. How does TrueSpeed CDN optimize your website? Take a look.
    1. Dynamic content caching – TrueSpeed caches web site content on its proxies in order to return resources faster to users and reduce page load time, bandwidth and server load. TrueSpeed Premium and Enterprise not only cache static content but can also identify content dynamically, which can be cached while it remains unchanged.
    2. Compression – An average website page is 100KB to 500KB, depending on its content, structure, functionality and the resources it contains. For content-rich applications, the simple task of transferring the page to the browser can take a long time. Common web servers and browsers support content compression. Configuring the compression of resources on your web server requires complicated settings, technical expertise, and substantial processing power from your web server. TrueSpeed compresses this content for you, even when sent uncompressed from your server.
    3. Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code, without changing its functionality. These unnecessary characters usually include white spaces, new line characters and comments, often used to add readability to the code but not required for its execution. By removing these characters, TrueSpeed minimizes your website’s size, making it lighter and reducing loading time.
  4. Database Protection: Databases are built on a programming language called SQL. Hackers try to inject malicious SQL codes into your database fields and try to get customer related data, thus compromising important information. SiteLock scans your entire website to identify any such SQL injected code and reports to you via email.
  5. Network Security: There are various ports on your website’s server that allows data flow to and fro from your website (e.g. incoming and outgoing Email ports). SiteLock does security checks on various ports on your server and tries to report any potential open port that might get the attention of Hackers.
  6. BlackList Monitoring: Have you ever visited a website and encountered a red warning message? This can happen if your site has been blacklisted by search engines/proprietary lists. SiteLock also monitors the following:
    1. Email Spam – SiteLock ensures that the email address you are using to communicate with your customers has not been blacklisted in industry spam blacklists. This ensures that your email lands in your customer’s inbox, and not his/her spam folder
    2. SSL Scanning – If you use an SSL certificate on your website, SiteLock ensures that the your certificate has not expired

How do I get SiteLock?

SiteLock is available on all our hosting plans. If you have a hosting package and are running multiple websites, then each website will need an individual SiteLock package. SiteLock will be active for a year from the date of purchase.  Check out the various SiteLock plans available with BigRock.


Benefits of getting SiteLock

1] Security: If you have little or no security enabled for your own website, then your website is at high risk of getting attacked. Establishing a secure site is quite challenging and time consuming and needs expertise at times to block all loopholes. If time and knowledge is a concern then investing in SiteLock would be an ideal option.

2] Speed: It’s a proven fact that a slow loading page is a bad thing for the reputation of your website. People move out of your site if it will take too much time to load and will go with some other website. SiteLock provides CDN services which will improve the loading speed for all pages on your website. Even Google appreciates fast loading websites and push them up in the search rankings.

3] Trust Seal: Almost everyone that comes to your website, look out for a security seal or certification before they can share any user details or do business using their credit cards. SiteLock provides this security seal with all its packages and is a trusted name on the internet.

SiteLock certainly is a product that can take away your website security woes. You can trust the fact that your website will be in safe hands. Don’t forget to check out all the plans so that you can pick the package that suits your website the best.  Can’t decide? Call us on 1-800-200-7625 (India Toll-Free) and we will help you decide on the right package for your website.

To celebrate the launch of SiteLock at BigRock, you can now get SiteLock for 30% off on your first purchase. This is a limited time offer so grab it while it lasts. Use coupon code SITELOCKLAUNCH to avail this offer. If you don’t care about your website then don’t click here

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