Power of Forums: A force to reckon with

Over the last couple months we’ve talked about a bunch of topics and we hope that these articles have been of help to you.

This time around we will be looking at a different element of Online marketing, something that’s been overlooked by a lot but appreciated by all: Forums. Forums are a powerful media and can do wonders for you if used correctly.



We’ve all used forums in our internet experience. For a lot of users it is the best way of finding real reviews/feedback for a product. In our vertical (i.e. Web Hosting/Domains) forums have always played a pivotal role in a marketers success.¬†Forums work because, people find value in them, there are real people sharing their experiences and knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, there are ways to game forums and a lot people are doing it too, but these activities become evident since most large forums are heavily moderated and users are banned for any misconduct.

Here are some points to keep in mind while posting on forums:

* Become an Expert: Traffic is the key for every marketer on the internet. By being active on forums and posting helpful well thought out answers you can develop a reputation as an industry expert. People will make it a point to visit your blog/website for information on the subject.

* Share experiences: This makes your posts trustworthy. People know that you have context about a said topic. For instance, if you’ve used BigRock products talk about your experience, the value you derive out of it, the support experience, etc. Forum moderators do not allow promotions but this is a safe way of talking about a brand and sharing your true experience.

* Participate: Join conversations, share insights, before you know it, you will start seeing traffic to your website and good quality at that.

* Mind the Rules: Be sure, to go through forum rules & regulations. It is probably not a bad idea to monitor a topic for a few days prior to posting.

* DO NOT SPAM: Spamming adds no value to you or to the advertiser you are promoting. A lot of people post offers and ads blindly thinking it helps. Well, maybe once or twice, but you will be banned before you know it and that will be the end of it. The better way to do this is participate in conversations and share offers as a part of the conversation. Even mentioning a discount does the trick at times.

These are some notes that you should keep in mind to begin with. We recommend forum posts to all serious advertisers. Give it a shot and share your feedback with us.

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