Optimizing your Landing Page Conversions

Your website’s Landing Page is the first page visitors and maybe potential customers visit. Landing pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements.

At their core landing pages are simply a single web page that contains a form that inspires your customers to take the next step. According to a study by Eisenburg on average only 2% of visitors convert once they reach a landing page.

While many websites don’t have a problem driving traffic there is a major problem with conversion. Even as technology continues to improve at a drastic rate, conversion rates have barely increased. What is the disconnect?

What follows are 8 unconventional landing page strategies that, if used well, will break your visitor’s expectations on first visit making them more receptive to what they find on the page and lead them into a flow through your site.


Start testing before you start spending. Learn what users think, remember and do with your design. Then, once you’ve found a direction you’re comfortable with, put it to the test immediately. Start with A/B testing to try larger variations of design and copy, and fine-tune with multivariate testing of discreet elements.

2. Clear call to action

The call to action (CTA) is what you want visitors to do: Shop Now. Sign Up. Try It. Contact Us. See Our Video. Whatever it is you’ve decided will move people further along your conversion funnel. That’s what you should be asking them, clearly and temptingly, to do. Don’t distract them with lots of other requests. The best pages accentuate only one CTA.

3. Message of your Ad = Message of your Landing Page

Ensure that the message on your landing page clearly matches the message of the ad or offer that got the visitor to click. The more tightly aligned they are, the higher your conversion rate will be. If you’re managing a large scale or more sophisticated digital program, this means creating tens, if not hundreds, of unique landing pages.

4. Epic headlines

Most people abandon your landing page within 8 seconds, so your headline is often your one and only shot at convincing them to stick around. So be clear and concrete in what you’re offering and what they’ll get out of the deal. If you can’t summarize what the user will get from you in five words or less, keep iterating until you can. In most cases, cute or clever wording doesn’t convert. People won’t work that hard to figure out what you’re trying to say. Be specific, be brief, and be compelling.

5. Too many options spoil the page!

Don’t create analysis paralysis for your visitors. Give users one choice, not three, not five. Multiple choices lead to confusion and confusion leads to well, no where good. Eliminate choice and you make the conversion option easier to understand and easier to take action on. And less friction means more conversions.

6. Reduce “Required Form” Fields

The less form fields you require on your landing pages, the higher your conversion rate will be. Lengthy forms with too many fields (example: state, revenue, industry) require visitors to reveal sensitive information about themselves before you’ve gained their trust and built a relationship with them.

7. Try a Video

Need to do some product explaining? Try a video that shows off the benefits of the product in action. Pay attention to the video thumbnail, too. That’s what users will see when they first hit the page. So, go with fewer words and give visitors a pithy and enjoyable video to watch. Then, sit back and watch your conversions go up, and to the right 😉

8. Keep it Snappy

Speed kills on the Web. Slow speed. You can lose up to 7% in conversion rate for every one second of lag. Use the Google page speed tools for suggestions on ways to optimize your page speed. Reduce and optimize image elements, and leverage CSS and typography to keep your code light and your page lightning fast.

When building a landing page, the most important thing to keep in mind is – “Why would anyone want to do business with me?”

If you are unable to answer that question very quickly there is a problem. Be sure to always provide value and follow with strong calls to action that continue to move prospects through the buying cycle.

Have you made use of any tips to improve your Landing Page conversations? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below 🙂

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