Learn new Skills with these 10 Websites

Being websites are our business, it’s natural that we stumble upon a lot of new awesome websites each day. What do we do with them you ask? We use them, bookmark them and now we’re going to share some of them with you.

Today we’re going to share a bundle of 10 websites that will help you build new skills and maybe even improve your existing ones.


Spreeder.com: Free online reading software that helps you to improve your comprehension and reading speed.

Codecademy.com: A website where you can learn coding quickly with the help of interactive lessons.

Investopedia.com: Great source for anyone who wants to learn and practice investing in sharemarkets.

Memrise.com: For anyone who wants to learn a new language.

Kahnacademy.org: Video lectures on a vast number of subjects including math, science, arts etc.

Justinguitar.com: Free video tutorials to learn playing the guitar.

Thechesswebsite.com: This website is for anyone who wants to learn or improve his game of chess.

Instructables.com: Great place to learn to cook and build creative items. We love it!

Digital-photography- school.com: An ideal place to learn and improve Photography skills.

W3schools.com: An ideal destination for anyone who wants to learn Web Development.

So, there you have it: 10 website to learn new skills. We just hope that these sites come in handy for your personal or professional work. If you know of any awesome sites that can help in building or improving new skills, share it in the comments section below.


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