How to install WordPress at the speed of Light

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We all know for a fact that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System(CMS) platform till date. This CMS was built keeping in mind that everyone should be able to use it comfortably. But one thing that keeps a lot of people away from it is the installation phase itself. Not that it is complicated but a little tech knowledge could help you do this much easily. Fortunately, installing WordPress with BigRock is a breeze thanks to Softaculous.

Softaculous is a commercial script library that automates the installation of web applications on to a website. This means that you can install WordPress using Softaculous faster than ordering for food. Yes you heard it right and just to show how easy it is we have listed all the steps below.

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Search for WordPress in “Softaculous Apps Installer”
  3. Click  on the “Install” button
  4. Fill in the details for the WordPress setup
  5. Choose Protocol as http://
  6. Choose your domain name
  7. Leave the In Directory as blank unless you want the website to load over a sub-directory (
  8. You can leave the default value for Database Name or set a custom one
  9. Enter a name for your website in Site Name
  10. Enter a description for your website in Site Description
  11. Enter a Username, Password and Admin Email for your WordPress
  12. Select the Language
  13. Click “Install”

Well that’s about it. The installation will take a couple of minutes and you have a new website live on the internet using the power of BigRock. Wasn’t that so easy? Well then why don’t you give it try? Get yourself a WordPress Website Today.

If you need more detailed help on how to install a WordPress website then we highly recommended that you check out this in-depth article from our Support Center.

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