Calls to Action in Under 60 Seconds


Don’t tell your nagging spouse this, but humans love to be told what to do.

In fact, the less work that your brain has to do in order to find a solution, the better.

When it comes to your ad campaigns, a call to action is vital to converting your audience from viewers to consumers. But just how do you pull off the perfect CTA?

1. Include a verb: Don’t be shy, tell ‘em what to do. “Click here to order,” “Find out more now,” and “Find a location near you” are all examples of CTAs that give the audience instructions on how to take the next step.

2. Add a sense of urgency: “Get it while supplies last,” “Order in the next hour for free shipping,” and “Pick yours up today,” will keep potential consumers from putting it off until later (aka forgetting all about it).

3. Link it: In web marketing, you’ve got to have a button, link, banner, or anything clickable so that consumers can easily get into purchase mode.

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