Bought Yourself a Domain Name? Put it to some USE!

You’ve gone ahead and bought a personal domain name for yourself because it seemed cool enough (Admit it, we’ve all done this!); but you’ve never really done any good with it. You thought you’d built a website, but never got around to doing that too.

There are loads of clever uses of your personal domain name – some with which you can promote yourself, maybe your business or even use it to make money!

Read on to know some of ideas you can implement and put your personal domain name to use –

1. Create a Personal Landing Page

You don’t need to fill up your site with content that’s probably already available over the internet. Instead, use this space to promote yourself and what you do. Include links to various projects you’ve initiated and worked on. Display information about yourself and how people can get in touch with you. You can also go one step forward, and use the Landing Page to host your resume 😉 So if you go ahead and make this awesome video about yourself that lands you a great job , don’t forget to thank us 🙂

2. Make money! Monetize your Domain Name 🙂

There are several different categories of domain investment and monetization; some easy than the others. Some methods have a higher return than others. They all have their pros and cons, and they all take time and hard work to utilize effectively.

  • Affiliate Websites – Think of a good domain name, register it, and then build a website filled with various advertisements for various content and coupon sites which allow people to sign up as Affiliates on CPA networks or pay for performance networks like Commission Junction, Linkshare, etc.
  • PPC Websites (Pay-Per-Click) – These are very much like affiliate sites, except the revenue generated comes from PPC advertising systems like Google AdSense.
  • Domain Leasing – Rent the domain name out to advertisers or other interested parties.
  • Domain Purchase and Resale – Register a domain or buy an existing domain with hopes of reselling it to other domainers.
  • Park Your Domain (Not literally!) – There are several services, like, where you can “park” your domain. The domain will have a variety of keyword targeted ads, similar to the PPC and Affiliate sites mentioned above. You make money off the ads that your parking company puts up. Additionally, you can also list your site for sale at the same time.

3. Create a URL Shortener with your Domain

We all know about and use various URL shorteners like TinyURL,, etc. almost on a regular basis. But have you thought of creating something similar on your own? Setting up such service on your own is fairly easy, and if you are using WordPress it too comes with a plug-in that works seamlessly well. Use your Domain to host your own URL shortener and keep track of details like date of creation, IP, clicks, etc. You can also control whether this service is available for public to use or yourself only.

These are some of the very basic uses of your personal domain name, but they’re sure to get you started and not leave that domain unutilized. Do you have any additions to the above? Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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