Boost Sales by Using A/B Testing


Recently, Sony made a simple tweak to its banners that upped online purchases by 20%.

When the Guardian used the same technique to optimize its landing pages, the newspaper saw a 46% boost in subscriptions.

And nope, neither change involved adding pictures of Scarlett Johansson.

The key was A/B testing, a web optimization strategy where you test multiple versions of your creative to identify which one produces the best results.

Get ahead of the pack (and 83% of Fortune 500 companies) by incorporating A/B testing into your site.

Here’s what to test:

  • Varied banners that drive customers to a landing page, form, or another call to action where you can track traffic.
  • Gated content (content hidden behind a form) vs. non-gated content (no form). Are users willing to sign up or provide more info to access materials on your site?
  • Image types. Are photos of people more successful than product shots?
  • Headlines and copy. Test the length of headlines and copy on your paid campaigns to see which ones get the most clicks.


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