Are you a professional? Then .PW is for you!

Coming up with a suitable domain name is tough. Determining whether to use SEO friendly keywords or your business name in your domain name can be equally confusing. When you get online, you want to project a professional image. Whether you’re a business or an individual, you want the world to know that you are a part of a reputed network – the Professional Web. .PW gives you all this and more!

So why .PW?

While most of us have to make-do with second choice domain names, .PW gives you the freedom to register generic names like,,,,  and drive relevant traffic to your website

To add to this, .PW also offers you more –

  • It’s Open; anyone can register a .PW name
  • It’s Available; a completely new namespace, with unlimited domain options
  • It’s Affordable; get a quality name at a reasonable price
  • It’s Secure; best industry practices adopted: UDRP, Trademark friendly, DNSSEC, etc.
  • It’s Reputed; zero tolerance for abuse creating a healthy namespace

.PW also supports –

  • 2 character ASCII domains
  • IDNs in multiple languages
  • 1 character names in Chinese, Japanese and Koreans

Can I buy a .PW?

Anyone can! .PW names can be registered by anyone across the world. If you want to showcase your individual or business website with the professional web, then .PW is your destination on the internet.

How can I buy a .PW domain name?

.PW is currently in its Landrush Period during and anyone can submit applications for .PW names. The Landrush period will last for 1 month from the 18th February, 2013 to 18th March, 2013.

If you think of a .PW name that you want, then this might be your only chance to grab it before someone else does. There are absolutely no restrictions on who can register .PW names, and there is no limit to the number of names you can register during this phase.

Sounds interesting and something you would want to invest in? Check out the official .PW Registry website to know more and register your .PW domain today at this link!

For anything else, we’re always here 🙂

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