7 Awesome Extensions to add life into your Joomla Website


What is the one thing if taken away would cause Joomla to lose the status of being one of the top Content Management System?  To answer this question we spoke to a few Joomla developers and they all said the same thing, “Joomla is incomplete without extensions”.  Well there are thousands of them and how on earth will you find the ones that you need? We’ll that’s why we are here today to give you a list of those extensions that will surely pump life into your Joomla website. Let’s begin

Akeeba Backup: Born during the early days of Joomla, this extension was made to save you from nightmares. Akeeba Backup is an extension that will help you back up your website with just a few clicks and then restore it in case of any issues. This extension also gives you the control to choose what to leave out of the backup. You can now save backup your data into cloud storage platforms like Amazon S3, DropBox, etc. Care for a good night sleep then you should get Akeeba Backup

JCE Editor: We must say that Joomla’s default editor TinyMCE, is not complete and is lacking a lot of features. But just when we were losing hope we stumbled upon a neat extension called JCE. We weren’t surprised to find out that this is Joomla community’s favorite WYSIWYG editor. The extension provides Office-like functions and familiar buttons making formatting uber simple. If you’re new to Joomla and just detest coding then the JCE editor is a must have extension for you.

Community Builder: If you need to manage your site’s users in a more effective way then you have to check out the extension called Community Builder. The feature list of this extension is huge and will take time to get used to but once you master it, you will be able to build a real social network.

Komento: This is an extension that gives you the power to easily manage the comments on the articles of your website. You can specify what users or user groups can do when commenting and also stick up outstanding comments and grant them extra viewership. Komento also has amazing migration functionalities and will easily import comments from another comment extensions or older websites.

K2: Content editing has always been a downfall in Joomla. But thanks to the K2 extension, article and page creation is now an easier task. Other noteworthy features of K2 are video management, comments, tags, drag and drop media manager etc, which makes it a must have extension for your projects.

AllVideos: If you’re looking out for an all in one media management solution for your Joomla website then look no further. Embedding sound clips and videos from popular media sharing sites like Vimeo, SoundCloud, YouTube etc is now a breeze, thanks to this gem of an extension. AllVideos also has fully responsive video players which makes it easier for videos to be viewed on mobile devices.

Jtouch: If you want to add responsive web design template for mobile devices then Jtouch should be your next download. It is not only light weight but also compatible with most mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. Also, thanks to the extensive documentation, it is super easy to get started.

We are so sure that you must have already downloaded a few of these extensions and waiting to get started with it on your website. We would love to hear from our Joomla users on what they have to say about these extensions. Love them or hate them? Just let us know by dropping a comment below 🙂

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