Font Pairing like a Pro



Font pairing is an art that only a few have been able to master. Designers, developers  and typographers often need a little help to successfully pair different fonts. If you’re sailing in the same boat then you’ll be glad to know that there are tools that will you help you nail this very task and we’re here to share a bunch of them.

  1. Type Genius: Simply pick a font from the drop down list and the tool suggests the perfect font combo along with a few online examples. Although this tool does it’s job well, we only wish that there were more fonts to work with.
  2. Tiff: A very unique tool that visually contrasts the difference between two fonts. The tool supports fonts from the Google Web Fonts library which honestly is quite awesome.
  3. The Web Font Combinator: This tool allows you to quickly preview font combinations in a fast, browser based manner. You can easily change the font, size and color of the preview text to understand what two fonts blend well.
  4. Web Font Blender: This tool is very similar to the web font combinator with an extra feature where you can copy the CSS code of the preview text.
  5. If you’re in the lookout for new fonts, then give Typio a try. Fonts are tagged into relevant categories like clean, modern, agency etc making it easier to find relevant fonts. The tool also does a great job trying to pair different fonts along with live examples.

That’s all folks, hope these tools help out. Now, go make the web beautiful 🙂

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