Design tool for the Masses


Design is a way to clearly communicate an idea, a thought or even an emotion. Many believe that a good design can only be created by an experienced designer. But we disagree with this fact (no offence to the experienced designers). With evolving technology there are new tools that can empower anyone to create great designs. And we’ve found just the right tool to prove our point.

Introducing Canva, a free and amazingly simple graphic design software that empowers anyone to build great images. We’ve been using Canva since the time it first hit the market and boy has it evolved. From Social posts to Greeting cards and from Infographics to Ad banners, you can use Canva for almost everything under the sun. Our designers are often tempted to let go of the good old Photoshop and start fresh with Canva 🙂

But what’s a tool without a little bit of learning and Canva doesn’t fail in this department. Their blog a.k.a the Design School is loaded with articles to improve your design skills. We’ve always managed to take back a lesson or two from each of their articles.

We can keep on going about this tool, but you’ll not be able to connect with us unless you’ve actually used the tool. So go ahead and give it a test run and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below.



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