Lights, Camera, Chaos.. Action!

There is a study that states that on an average each individual is exposed to over 5000 ads each day. Surprising? Maybe not. From seeing 50% discount offers on liposuction in the morning daily, to posters in the Churchgate local of men gifted with super human powers that can get you a job or save your marriage, to watching Katrina Kaif getting cozy with a bottle in between your favourite television show; we are BOMBARDED with advertisements. This is what has caused a force field that makes your arm automatically reach out to the TV remote to flip the channel during commercial time.

I was happy that I was surrounded by this force field but then something changed. I got involved in the conceptualization and production of BigRock’s television ads and thereafter the force field eluded me. I was encircled by a different force that stopped me from reaching out to the remote and watch each and every darn commercial to the extent that I actually forget what I was watching. The amount of money, time and energy that goes into the making of the simplest of commercials is fascinating and in a way intimidating.

The objective of a commercial is to ensure that viewers remember your commercial and the product you’re endorsing. There are two ways one can achieve this –

  1. By ensuring that every time a viewer tunes in to his television set, he sees a bunch of professionals supposedly in the middle of a meeting where a guy thinks it’s necessary to explain a 0% interest offer on a white board.
  2. You make something special, something that will get the viewer to chuckle, laugh, feel emotional or just go WTF!

And when your goal is to create something special, the journey too becomes special… and chaotic! We recently shot our latest television commercial promoting the .NET domain extension and believe you me it was a rollercoaster ride like no other.

The production team worked their fingers to the bone to get the set made as per the script and storyboard, and if you were wondering what goes on behind the scenes and the kind of people that are involved in the making, here are some videos that will help shed some light.


Behind the Scenes


Meet the Team


Meet The Crew

It took a good three months to execute a 30 seconds film but the fun part was the actual shoot. The ad showcases multiple businesses rolling out of a factory, each being branded with either a .COM or a .NET stamp. There were more than 15 businesses that we wanted to shoot, each requiring specific costumes, specialists and props. Little did we know that shooting an acupuncture business required hiring a professional acupuncture therapist who would puncture needles in the artist’s face while he patiently waited for his shot.



Or deal with a child artist’s mother who complained that there was no Bournvita on the set. Murphy’s law kicked in wherever possible but the crew was ready. Ready to deal with technical problems, artist tantrums, hard deadlines, sleepless nights and demanding clients. The result? Well I’ll leave that to you to decide.


Meet The Cast

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