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How to Monetize your Blog

We have to admit, developing a blog and gaining a readership takes a lot of time and effort. Dedication is a must, but for most bloggers dedication needs to be justified with a stable flow of money. So we went ahead and compiled a few pointers that will help you get paid for doing what […]

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SEO for Beginners – (Part 3) – SEO Tools

We all know, what ‘visitors’ mean to every website owner. If you are a beginner in the arena of website building, you probably must be craving for more eyeballs for your website. That’s when most of us turn to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Don’t worry; if you’re new to it, we’ve got this two post […]

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Easiest way to move your Blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

One of the best free blogging platforms out there has got to be WordPress.com. It is the perfect place to start learning and understanding the basics of blogging. No Hassles just login to your account and start blogging. But as you mature in your blogging venture you will start feeling the limitations while using WordPress.com. […]

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11 Sure Fire Tips to Combat High Bounce Rate

Website Bounce Rate is one of the key quality metrics that rarely gets the attention that it deserves from any web master. For the ones who are not aware,. The bounce rate of each of your website’s pages gives you an idea into whether or not your readers are forming a connection with your website. […]

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How to install WordPress at the speed of Light

We all know for a fact that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System(CMS) platform till date. This CMS was built keeping in mind that everyone should be able to use it comfortably. But one thing that keeps a lot of people away from it is the installation phase itself. Not that it is […]

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5 Awesome Image Compression tools to make your Website super fast

With ever growing tech, the speed at which information is consumed over the internet has gone up big time. People want what they want and when they want it. In the sea of information you only get once chance and if your site is too slow then you’ve potentially lost the visitor forever. One of […]

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5 ways to Speed up your Website

We may all agree to the fact that Speed is the norm for every successful website. Search Engines have also made it clear that they will rank pages with faster load times at the top of the search results. And honestly with faster internet connections these days, a slow loading website is rarely tolerated. If […]

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Your Drupal website cannot survive without these 8 Modules

Drupal is a content management system just like WordPress and Joomla, powering nearly 2% of the total websites on the internet. 2% may sound small but 2% of 1.7 billion total websites in the world is still a huge number. Drupal can get a little complicated to use since prior knowledge of PHP is essential. […]

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Why should you get a Website?

We believe that the one thing that truly made the world a smaller place is the internet. Computers and laptops have now become affordable and with mobile phones overtaking the total human population of the world, connectivity is reaching a new high every day.  Call it a mode of communication or a virtual world of […]

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Five changes that your website needs

Its human nature, we get bored of things that we were ones so excited about. People love variety and change is now become a default factor in everyone’s life. Even a simple OS update can get you excited about your old Smartphone for a few days. The fact remains the same for the visitors of […]

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