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Security Alert: Update Your WordPress Site to 4.4.2 Immediately!!

We’ve just stumbled upon a very crucial news for all WordPress users. WordPress 4.4.2 is now available for update. This is not a feature update but rather a security fix which is highly important to protect your site from a recent found vulnerability. WordPress versions 4.4.1 and earlier are affected by two security issues: a possible SSRF for […]

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Here’s a Website Security Combo You Can’t Beat

There’s no soul in the world that loves to see his website being battered by spam, virus and hackers. All your work, all the time invested and all your plans just crash along with your site. You really need to get the game plan right in order to protect your website. We can help you […]

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7 Reasons To Go Online This New Year

2015 has been a roller coaster of a year as far as eCommerce is concerned. We saw a sharp rise in the sheer number of players online. This of-course had a strong effect in the rise of the total transactions and customer behavior online. Indian eComm sector is pegged to grow to almost USD 22 […]

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Quick Guide to Making a Kickass Website

If you’re reading this you’ve already taken the decision to get yourself online and a big high-five to you! Seriously, that’s an amazing decision. Now comes the fun part of making your website awesome. You’re going to have to decide whether you’re designing it yourself or hiring a designer to do this. If you’re thinking […]

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Learn new Skills with these 10 Websites

Being websites are our business, it’s natural that we stumble upon a lot of new awesome websites each day. What do we do with them you ask? We use them, bookmark them and now we’re going to share some of them with you. Today we’re going to share a bundle of 10 websites that will […]

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What the World Would Be Like If Websites Didn’t Exist

We browse through more than hundreds of sites in day for our daily dose of information, entertainment and social interaction. Websites have become an important part of our life and it’s easy to say that we can’t live without it. But have you ever wondered what the world would be like if websites didn’t exist? We lost […]

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Website Catastrophes that make people go Arghhhh!!!

We visit so many websites in a day, some good and some not even worth mentioning. But what makes you go berserk when you a visit a website. We asked a few of our own employees to help us with the things that make them go Arghhhh when they are on a website. Let’s take […]

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12 Tips to help you with your Google Adsense Approval

We recently wrote an article on how to Monetize your blog and we received some mixed reactions for it. Many of them agreed to the fact that Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money but some just wanted to keep themselves away from it. On enquiring we realized that they […]

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The only sites you need for Web Design Inspiration

Great design is the work of creative minds. But sometimes the creative juices just seize to flow and you can find yourself in a fix. While changing your workspace and rethinking your entire work process are ways to think differently, sometimes all you need to do is see great work to get inspired. For all […]

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7 Awesome Extensions to add life into your Joomla Website

What is the one thing if taken away would cause Joomla to lose the status of being one of the top Content Management System?  To answer this question we spoke to a few Joomla developers and they all said the same thing, “Joomla is incomplete without extensions”.  Well there are thousands of them and how […]

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