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Read This Before You Start Using Free Web Hosting

  The word FREE can turn many heads, so there’s absolutely no doubt there will be many takers for free web hosting. Not bad right, host your website online and no need to pay a dime for it. But we hate to break the bubble, there’s very little that you get with free hosting. Infact you’ll […]

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BigRock’s new addition: Auto-Updating Nameservers

You must have heard this a zillion times already “Change is the only constant”, and at BigRock, we love it. Working in such an environment is super fun, where ideas keep flowing and current situations are challenged for a better outcome. Even when we look at our products, the primary focus for any change is […]

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Startups – What they have to offer and how BigRock helps power them

Buying a great T-shirt online or even movie tickets – the Internet is influencing a lot of our purchasing behavior these days. Most of us look for reviews, offers etc online, before we buy a product. Now is the generation of E-entrepreneurs – Starting business online is not only easy but even cost effective and […]

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VPS Hosting with the all new Plesk Add on

With the steady rise of the Internet age, your website has now become a direct connection between thousands of Internet users and your business. These websites can receive a lot of traffic depending on the kind of content it holds. An e-commerce website is a good example of a high traffic website that needs a […]

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Web Hosting Simplified!

Everyone who owns a domain has most definitely hosted their domain on the internet. But there are some people (not everyone is as intelligent as you) who don’t really understand what ‘Web Hosting’ means. Hence, here we are, with a small but comprehensive blog post on what Web Hosting is and what are the different […]

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How Important is Server Location For Your Business?

Deciding where your web hosting server is located is an important factor which often gets left out during your website purchase decision. The location of the server can be interpreted by search engines like Google as a strong signal that a page or website is relevant to the country where it is located, for example […]

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Two New Hosting Troubleshooting Tools Which Make Monitoring Your Hosting Package Easier

If you’ve recently logged into your BigRock Linux Hosting cPanel console, you must have noticed a new section called ‘Health Checks and Monitoring’. We’ve added this new feature so that customers can benefit from a free Hosting Health Check report that will give you a detailed view of how your web hosting package is performing. […]

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Update on executable file uploads to Windows server

We would like to inform all BigRock customers that we will be restricting uploads of executable files with certain extensions across all our Windows servers. This step is taken as an additional measure to tighten security over FTP and avoid any malicious executable files damaging other Hosting packages hosted on a server. Henceforth, you will no […]

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