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WordPress 3.5 launches with new UI, Retina support

For someone who has been working with WordPress ever since the 2.x days, each new release is preempted with great anticipation & excitement.  Whilst WP 3.5 was rigorously being tested we eagerly awaited the launch date announcement. Yes, we were that impatient to wait for the stable version to be out in the market. And […]

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Your Domain, Your Identity

Just as your name gives your personality an identity, your domain name too gives an identity to your business or website. The domain name you choose for your website becomes synonymous with the content your website hosts. It establishes a theme for the branding of a website before people even visit it for the first time. BigRock’s […]

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Important SSL & Digital Certificate Changes

We took you through what a Digital Certificate means and how SSL works in our last post. Many of you might have noticed the recent changes SSL and Digital Certificates have undergone. And for those who haven’t, fret not; read on to know what those BIG changes are! Over the past month, there’s a pretty […]

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How Does A Digital Certificate Work?

SSL certificate, Digital Certification, encryption etc sound like ominous terms 🙂 So we thought we would simplify them for you. Let’s begin by defining Secure Sockets Layer or SSL as it is commonly known. SSL is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of message transmission on the Internet. SSL or Digital certificates ensure that […]

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8 Ways to Safeguard your WordPress Blog from Hackers

You’ve treated your blog like your baby and nurtured it, complete with pictures and proofread everything you’ve written. You might have an average of 300 posts until date and you’ve invested so much time and sweat in making them perfect. You also have a decent follower base (100+ followers) and a massive number of comments, […]

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BigRock’s Datacenters – What runs the show?

Ever wondered what goes behind making your business run successfully on the Internet? From where do Hosting companies like BigRock get bandwidth to manage such a large number of Domains and host your Website without creating hiccups? The powerhouse that can manage to carry out these activities seamlessly is known as a Data Center. A […]

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