Social Media Tools that will make your life a lot easier

One of the most important inventions of ancient times has got to be the wheel. Aimed to make life easier and save time, this invention has changed the face of history as we know it. Thousand years later we have another hard and time consuming task and that is Social Media Management.


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I would seriously like to give a thumbs up to everyone who managed social media accounts when it first started. Managing queries, reading and sharing content, connecting with the target crowd etc on popular Social Media Platforms are some tasks that could intimidate anyone. But fortunately we are now blessed with some awesome applications that will make the task of managing social media accounts a breeze. Let’s take a look at them.

1] Hootsuite: This tool allows you to manage multiple accounts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc all in one place, yes you heard that right. You can schedule updates which will automatically post in the respective social channels. If you have a dedicated team for social media management, then you can also use Hootsuite to collaborate as a team and easily delegate work amongst each other. There are mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad which makes it easier to manage social on the move.  Finally the all important customer analytic reports are also present, making it an excellent tool to have. It is a bit pricey to use but if time is money for you, then it pays for itself 😛

2] Buffer: This is my personal favorite amongst all the apps mentioned here. This tool allows you to publish to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all from one place. This is a great tool especially if you are looking to schedule your posts. You might be taking a nap right now but Buffer will continue to publish your tweet or Facebook post as you have scheduled. The awesome browser extension will allow you to add any article, image or video to the buffer account with the click of a button. Sharing made much easier with this tool. You can sign up for free and move up to pay a small fee for more control and team management.

3] Mentions: If you are familiar with Google Alerts then this tool should be a much better version for you. You can monitor the entire web for your desired keywords and not miss anything published on forums, new sites, blogs and even social media. Another important aspect of this tool is that you can reply or retweet a mention and even share mentions directly on your Facebook from within the tool itself. You’re Multi-tasking ‘with different browser tabs’ days are over 🙂 . Oh and we forgot to mention that you can generate reports and also export it. You might have figured by now that we just love Mentions.

4] If you are looking for a URL shortening tool, then is for you. You can take a long URL like and convert it into . This makes it really easy for using the links in social media platforms like Twitter where you only get 140 characters for a single tweet. You can also customize the link like we have done here . The reports generate by is fantastic as it gives you a detailed view of which location and social media platform each click is coming from. Time to put your links on diet and add more relevant hashtags 🙂

These tools will surely make social media management easier and fun. Some of the tools mentioned share a few common functions but each of them is unique in nature. So it just depends on your requirements and how comfortable you are with each one of them.

So go ahead and try all of them and don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions regarding these tools.


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