Power your Twitter Account Management with these Priceless Tools

It is without a doubt that Social media is now not only a channel for online interaction but also a powerful medium for Marketing. One of the most popular social media platforms – Twitter has been one of the few that have changed this game. Owing to its popularity the number of users has grown many folds in the last few years making it difficult to manage an account. But we knew that there are going to be some life and time saver tools out there that will help us take our Twitter account management to the next level. We searched and yes we struck gold, so here is your share of the bounty.

Tweriod: Sharing on twitter is a must for your brand but sharing when your followers are around creates even more visibility for that particular tweet. Tweriod (I am guessing the name is derived from Twitter+Period) analyzes your twitter account and gives you a report with a breakdown of daily and hourly windows where you can expect the most exposure for your tweets. You anyways want more and more people to see your work so why not try sharing tweets at times suggested by this app and see the difference. It’s worked quite brilliantly for us. Free to use but there is a paid option for detailed reporting.


Tweepi: If you’re looking to make bulk changes to your twitter connections then this tool here, is the one for you. You can unfollow people in bulk who do not follow you, manage your followers and even follow another account’s complete list of followers. The best part about this tool is that it displays a bio for each user making it easier for you to decide if the user is worth following or not (fake accounts). You will have to purchase one of the packages to use this tool.

Twazzup: This tool promotes itself as Real-time Monitoring and Analytics solution for Twitter. Well, it pretty much does what it says. You can not only find out the top influencers for a particular keyword, hashtag or your Company name but also find a twitter feed and top links that are associated with your search. We were just thinking out of the box and figured that this tool can work out great for monitoring a Twitter contest with hashtags, especially since the updates are real time. Absolutely free to use.


Twitter Spy: Don’t get fooled by the name as this is not for spying your competitor’s website but to find your influencers. All you need to do is add a code into your website which will allow this app to track which tweet resulted in the most traffic back. You can also send a thank you tweet to twitter profiles that refer big traffic to your website using this app. A simple but very effective tool. Did we mention that this app is free 🙂

Need Tagger: Twitter has become very noisy and so it is very difficult to find anyone talking good or bad about your product or the ones who want your product. This app is going to find you all the promoters, detractors and even potential customers if setup correctly. You basically need to setup a few keywords pertaining to your business, select the region and skills you want to target and then NeedTagger will fill up your stream with the results. AllTwitter.com rightly said about this app that it is a Twitter Search on Steroids. You will get a single stream for free, post which you will need to pay for more streams.

Whether you are an individual or a business, these tools are going to be handy for you. It all depends on your needs and which tools get you the best result. So try them out yourselves and pick the ones that make your life much easier 🙂

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