Mobile Apps to help you manage Social Media on the go


There isn’t an element of doubt that the mobile era has taken over the world. Budget super phones, wearable technology and millions of mobile apps are all evidences of this very fact. The whole point of this improving mobile ecosystem is to make our lives more convenient. So today we’re going to share a list of mobile apps that will make your social media management work a breeze.

1] Hootsuite: Hootsuite has developed a reputation of being one of the best Social Media Management Tool for more than 35 popular social networks. You’ll be surprised to know that they’ve managed to provide almost all the features of their browser application in their mobile app. Available for download at the Apple Store and Android Market this app will let you schedule your social posts, track brand mentions, analyze social media traffic and even reply to any messages or tweets.

2] Buffer: If you’re looking to schedule updates to the most popular social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+, then Buffer is just the mobile app you’ll need. The Buffer app provides easy to interpret statistics on how each post has performed. We also love the recommendations of articles to share which is a great feature within the app.

3] Mention: This has easily got to be one of our favorite listening tools. Blogs, Forums, or Social channels, Mention helps you to find any brand mentions over the web. This will ensure that any chatter around your brand or products will not go unnoticed.

4] Facebook Pages Manager: This is the official Facebook app to manage pages. Though there are limited features, it’s just enough for you to manage your Facebook pages on the go. You can also manage multiple pages through the app if the pages are linked to the same Facebook account.

5] Twitter Mobile App: This is the official Twitter app to manage a twitter handle. The app works just like you use it on the browser. You will receive timely notifications for any tweets, DMs or RTs thus making it great for people who need to respond.

6] Google Calendar: Every Social Media manager knows the fact that there has got to be a content calendar to effectively run Social Media campaigns. We personally use the Google Calendar tool including the mobile app to plan ahead and to receive alerts on the upcoming planned events, keeping us always a step ahead.

7] Flock: Flock is an amazing app built ground up for team and one-on-one conversation. It’s lightning fast and downright gorgeous. If you’re a social media team, interaction and co-ordination is a must. Flock allows you to chat with your team at any time where you’re at work or away (it comes with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature too 😉 ). Sharing files, ideas and little bit of gossip is all possible with this neat mobile app. Oh, we almost forgot to mention, It’s FREE!

So these are the mobile apps that our Social Media Team at BigRock uses. Every mobile app has added to our productivity and we can without fear recommend it to you. The mobile app ecosystem is huge and we may have missed some true gems. If you know of any worthy mobile app for Social Media management, then do mention it in the comments section below.


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