11 Tips to Market Your Business Better on Facebook

Facebook has become an extremely integral part of our daily lives. Currently sitting at number two on web traffic rankings according to Alexa.com, Facebook has over 955 million users and that number increases everyday! And in those 955 million users, hidden somewhere are your potential customers. So what better way can you find to reach out to them?!

Facebook now provides brands and businesses with an opportunity to market their products and services on the Social Networking site, helping them to reach out to their customer base. In their language, this is known as ‘Facebook Marketing’.

In the past year, Facebook has matured, not only as a Social Network for people to keep in touch with friends and family; but also as a platform for brands to connect with their audiences. But there’s also one question comes to mind – Does this guarantee that once targeted, these fans will convert into customers? Advertisers need to define clear objectives before putting their Ads out on the site.

We’ve come up with a few tips you should keep in mind while advertising on Facebook –

1. Know Your Audience

Study your fans to know what content they want, when they want it and the form in which they want it. If your fans are the serious type, don’t post random stuff they won’t be able to relate to. Keep the interest factor high and alive. Also, figure out whether majority of your fans access your page from their phones or their computers. The kind of content you’ll put out depends highly on that.

2.  Crank out a lot of content

People like Facebook business pages for many reasons. They want to learn more about the brand, discover new products, and get educated. So the first marketing strategy you need to use is providing a lot of content in different media like photos, posts, videos, and surveys and you have to do it consistently.

Post fun videos and pictures – fans like those, and it doesn’t make your brand seem overtly serious. Asking questions of your fans is a great way to encourage comments and keep your post visible.

Indulging in weekly giveaways and discounts is another way you can connect with your fans. Tabs or badges like ‘Fan of the Month’ that can be placed on their profiles for visibility can be awarded to them. A happy customer on Facebook can get you lots of attention.  Remind users to Like and Share information about you. When their friends see the updates on the News Feed, it’s highly likely for them to do the same.

3. Use Facebook Ads to your advantage

Facebook Ads have emerged as a popular way to promote a small business online. Target your fans based on their interest categories, age, sex, location, education level, etc. When targeting local audiences, look beyond self-reported location and use every possible angle to find those locals. Put the names of popular local businesses, colleges and clubs into the ad manager to find the people that city and zip code doesn’t.

4. Use Unrelated or Unconventional Images for your Ads

Facebook suggests that you “Use a simple, eye-catching image that is related to your body copy and title.” We disagree 🙂

Select images for your Ad which will make people curious to know what your Ad is about, thus getting them to visit your page.

5. Sponsored Stories can be a boon!

Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with your Page, app or event that a business, organization or individual has paid to highlight so there’s a better chance people see them. There are two types of sponsored stories – a sponsored like, which targets friends of your fans, and a Sponsored post, which shows messages to existing fans.

6. Get into your fans’ news feeds with Promoted Posts 

Promoted Posts are designed to help you increase engagement and overall reach for your Facebook page. They are the first type of paid advertising that is viewed in users’ News Feeds. They are also the first type of ad to reach the mobile user market, which is up to 70% of Facebook traffic. Promoted Posts allows status updates to live longer in the feeds. Additionally, they reach the friends of your fans, and include the names of the friends associated with the post.

7. Create Ad Images with Calls To Action

Get creative with your ad images. Use the picture area in your ad (currently 100 x 72 pixels) to add more words to your advertisement. Images of people tend to convert better than a logo but you will have to do your own testing. Make sure your messaging is consistent but don’t be afraid to try something unusual to get more clicks. Use both the title and the picture to tell a story.

8. Use Facebook Insights to Create Better Ads

Facebook Insights are the basic stats that Facebook automatically uses to track your page’s activity. These are important numbers to be familiar with and can provide you with good information on your brand and its presence on Facebook. You’ll want to make sure to watch the make-up of your fan base, using Facebook Insights to make sure that your Like ads are driving fans to your page and getting Likes from the right audience in the most critical market areas for your business.  Second, spend significant time reviewing your click-through rate (CTR) for various different ads you are testing.

9. Facebook’s ROI Tracking Tool

Facebook’s newest addition – the ROI tool which helps marketers to see how their Facebook ads perform post-click, tracking the actions of users after they convert on the ad and go to the landing page to which your ad directs them.

In order for this ROI tracking tool to work, all advertisers need to do is place a code on certain pages on their website that users access after making a conversion. These pages might include the check out page for an ecommerce business, or a thank-you page after filling out a form on a landing page.

Once a Facebook user views this page, the Facebook ads platform is alerted that someone who viewed and clicked on a Facebook ad has converted off-site on the advertiser’s page. Even better, advertisers will then have the option to target ads at the segments who have responded positively to certain ads in the past.

10. Make use of Custom Audiences

Custom audiences allow advertisers to target their Sponsored Story or Ad to a specific set of users with whom they have already established a relationship on/off Facebook. Audiences can be defined by user email address, Facebook UIDs, or user phone numbers.

11. What is Facebook Exchange?

Known better as Facebook Re-targeting, Facebook Exchange allows brands to retarget shoppers who have already expressed interest in their products and keep their brand on top of their mind to drive more purchases. Facebook Exchange can recapture highly interested users who didn’t follow through on a purchase or recapture them to purchase again.

These are some of the most basic Facebook Marketing tips we think you should make use of. If you have adopted any other FB Marketing strategy, we’d love it if you would share it with us in the comments section below 🙂

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