Why should businesses adopt Social Media?


Social Media is become an integral part of everyone’s life. You may deny this fact but the truth is that we can’t live without it. The early morning newspaper is now taken over by social notifications and birthday reminders. Social conversations have changed from “Can I get your number” to “Are you on FaceBook?” 😛 . It’s like Social media has created a circle of life around it and practically everyone’s out there. So what’s in it for a business?

1] Building a Community: With almost everyone on social, it’s important that one should find you there. Famous food chain or just a budding startup, social media has given everyone an opportunity to build a community. People love to see their favorite businesses online as they can connect with them easily.  Businesses can grow and strengthen the community by talking more about their field. The more meaningful resource you share, the more your community is going to trust you. You can build your own voice and at the same time give your community a space to voice out their concerns, opinions and good wishes in the easiest possible way. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media channel, you can create a great community around your business and in the bargain, improve its social presence.

2] Creating Awareness: Your social media pages are a great place to showcase your work, your future goals and your efforts in building a strong community. People who follow you will learn more about your business, helping you build a better connection. You can share new products and show your followers the true value of it. Your community will definitely notice the new products but if they like it then they will recommend it to others as well. This works as good as word of mouth as people trust recommendations from people they know. There are chances that someone will not need your product at the time they learn about your product or service but when they will need it in the near future they are definitely going to remember your business. You can take our word for the fact that social media is indeed great for lead generation.

3] Drive Traffic and SEO: Social media is a traffic mine waiting to be explored. One of the many reasons why businesses join the social media bandwagon is to drive traffic to their website [Find out why you should get a website]. The more Social channels you are actively involved with, the more traffic you will drive to your brand website. Traffic and SEO go hand in hand, good traffic to your website will only mean a higher domain authority score and higher domain authority score will mean better search engine ranking. Works like magic!!

We believe that Social Media holds value for every business. Your business needs to be where the world is. We have this simple mantra for any business entering the social world “Share, Listen, Respond and everything else will fall in place” 🙂

So what do you think, does every business need to be Social? Write a comment below to share your views.


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