What makes .CO the best choice for Startups & Entrepreneurs?


In a sentence, its the dedication, the innovations and the amazing Membership Program that sets .CO apart from all other TLDs

If you’ve read our previous article on .CO – you’ll know that these folks LOVE startups. They’re amazingly dedicated to help entrepreneurs grow and evolve. The .CO Membership program is a testament to their rocking dedication to help you grow. When you buy a .CO domain you’re not just another happy customer, you are a “CO-er”, part of their ever growing community, part of the movement. Their amazing Membership program has been designed exclusively, keeping in mind the needs of their CO-ers. They’ve got some pretty amazing goodies and perks lined up for you, starting from discounts at Stockphoto websites to free access to some of the top resources for entrepreneurs. They’ve got the hook up for pretty much everything that you will need to execute all the amazing things you’ve wanted to do with your business.

We thought we’d give you a taste of all the goodies that are in store for you, so brace yourself:

  •  25% discount at Mobile Roadie: Thinking of creating an app for your business? look no further for this brilliant app creator is the answer to all your prayers. Trusted by giants like Verizon, TED and Universal Music – this app brings all the features you will need to creating a rocking app.
  •  Access to Amazing Events: They’ll get you access to some of the best start up events across the world. For us, desi folks, they’ve plenty of options including the awesome Startup Weekend.
  •  15% off at iStock: As a business, you know the importance of stock images. Everything from the look of your website to your marketing collateral use stock images. As a proud CO-er get the best stock photos a cost to boast about.
  •  $100 Credit on Google Adwords: Do we even need to highlight why this is so awesome?
  •  FREE MOZ Subscription: One of the best online marketing analytics software outthere and as a CO-er you get it free for 3 whole months. Now that’s epic!

We could on and on about the many amazing perks they’ve got for their CO-ers but we think this gives you a jist of how amazing this membership program truly is. Frankly, we’re so amazed by all that they have to offer, we just had to share it all with you. If you’re looking for a domain name, we’ll recommend .CO for more than one reason but the Membership program is more that just a Cherry on The Cake.

If you already have a .CO domain then head over to: http://i.go.co and get yourself signed up. If you’re considering buying a new domain name, we’ve just given you a Very Serious reason to consider .CO as an option.

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