New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are always looking to innovate and improve — sometimes on themselves. Which is why they take New Year’s resolutions very seriously.

No “lose 10 pounds” or “find a hobby” here. These entrepreneurial resolutions are ones every business owner will intimately understand.

Quit your job and start a company. This is where it all starts. Once you have the dream, you have to find the guts to actually go through with it. Is this the year you’re going to make this company idea a real business?

Make a profit. You had a good first year, gained some customers and clients, even hired an intern. Next year, you’re hoping to make a profit. Maybe even pay yourself.

Be a better leader. New business owners can be timid leaders. Vow to be proud of your position and act like a boss.

Keep up with current events. Remember that time you forgot to vote in an important election because you were so busy running your business that you neglected current events? Yeah. Time to close the email and check the news.

Make time for “me. Every entrepreneur goes through that “business comes first” phase. Now, it’s time to take care of yourself and finally master that whole work-life balance thing everyone’s always talking about. Whether it means leaving work before 7 p.m. a few days a week to catch your favorite gym class or treating yourself to a much-needed family vacation, do it. After the year you had, you’ve earned it.


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