.CO HEARTS Startups

Not every day do you find a TLD so focused on helping start-ups, it actually focuses everything towards that goal. In the sea of TLDs, .CO is one such gem. Calling itself a “COmmunity” than just another TLD, we’d have to say it’s exactly that. A beautiful 2 letter TLD that’s as awesome as it sounds. It’s an extension for dreamers, for innovators, for believers and doers. We can’t possibly jot down all the reasons why .CO is a smashing TLD but we’ll you give our top 5.

They really do HEART Startups:  If you are new start up looking at going online look no further. This is THE TLD for you. Not only is it a great sounding name, the community is filled with amazing tips and tricks to take your new business SKY HIGH. Go through their blog, the amazing articles they have with tons of insights for upcoming businesses are invaluable. Dig, a little more and find your peers there too, a listing for some of the finest start ups around get a mention on their website. These startups are from all over the world and are thriving in their own fields.

A great BIG namepool: Not finding a domain of your choice is not really problem here. They’re relatively new and so chances are you probably might just get that one domain you want so badly. But let this not make you think that this isn’t a good TLD, you’re in company of over a million other proud .CO owners.

A great sounding TLD: On the internet, like off it, a name is exceptionally important. A good name means everything. Having to change your name or use another domain name for your business because the one that you want is not available is just not cool. The only option then is to opt for not such great sounding TLDs. .CO is without a doubt an awesome sounding TLD that is generic and applicable to all.

You’re in Good COmpany:  Find millions of like minded entrepreneurs like yourself in your company. More and more people are acquiring .CO domains as you read this. Here are some interesting numbers that you should know:

  • Over 1.5 million domains registered
  • Registrants come from over 200 different countries
  • One of the top 10 frequently traded domain extensions on Sedo

Famous folks who use .CO – Vine, Donuts, Ringo and tons of other amazing startups.

Membership Program, Anybody?: The good folks at .CO have gone ahead and made some partnerships that are going to help you take your startup to a whole new level. Be it getting passes for that great Start up event in your city or getting business cards made at a discount. These guys have tied up with some pretty nifty vendors that any business would need to deal with. With .CO Membership program, you get all this with sweet discounts or at times even for free 🙂 – Oh and did we mention that this membership program is absolutely free? yes sir, you read that right. Didn’t we tell you these guys really LOVE Start ups.

Well, we think .CO is an amazing TLD choice and something we surely recommend. They’ve got a ton of goodies for their beloved .co-ers and are super dedicated towards making your website BIG. Head over to BigRock to get your very own .CO domain @ just Rs.599.

If any of you already own a .CO domain then good for you, do share your story in the comments section below.


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