7 Things StartUp Founders Can Be Thankful For


As a startup founder, you might have plenty to complain about. But with Thanksgiving around the corner, let’s take a minute to remember exactly why you became an entrepreneur, and thank the people and programs that made it possible.

1. Investors. Whether it’s an angel investor or your parents, without them — and their money — your company wouldn’t exist.

2. Google Docs. Remember when you used to edit a document, save it, send it to someone else, and wait for them to send it back to you like an animal!? Thank the Google Gods you don’t have to waste time doing that anymore.

3. Your team. For their hard work, patience, and fearlessness.

4. Flexibility. Being able to set your own schedule and work from anywhere may be the best perk of all.

5. That meltdown you had a few months ago. Without the panic attack that almost had you shutting down the company and moving to a beach in Argentina, you wouldn’t have learned how to fix that bug in your website, how to meditate, or how to use Kickstarter. Those lessons have helped you and your business evolve. Every freakout counts.

6. The problem you are solving. Without it, there wouldn’t be a need for your company.

7. Your boss. They challenge you when you need a push and never kick you when you’re down. They had the guts to start a business, and that courage enables you to do what you love every day. Hey wait, that’s you!


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