11 Tools & Resources to support your Startup

Startups are awesome but building one is no walk in the park. You’ll be greeted by obstacles in your journey and some of them can easily discourage you. Fortunately, we’ve reached a point in time where there are tons of tools and resources that are startup friendly. What’s even better is that we’ve put together a list of useful tools and resources that you can use for your startup.



11 Tools and Resources to support your startup

1] Kickstarter: Got an awesome concept but lack the money? Kickstarter is the perfect stage for creative projects to be showcased and funded by common people. Any project big or small and from any domain can avail of this great service or we can rather say opportunity.

2] Google Analytics: This service from Google allows you to get detailed statistics on the various aspects of your website. You can get answers to questions like ‘How much traffic is my website getting?’ or ‘From where is all this traffic coming from?’ by using this very tool. You can also use Google Analytics to measure the conversion and sales which is a great plus for all businesses.

3] Google Adwords: If you want to advertize your business on Google search result pages or other partner pages, then this is the place where you need to be. The tool provides great flexibility and you only pay when someone clicks to visit your website. This is a great marketing tool to get your business noticed.

4] Basecamp: This is an easy to use project management tool which every business should get. Basecamp can be used to have discussions, share files, assign tasks and so much more. We personally use it and it definitely helps us meet our deadlines with ease.

5] MailChimp: This is your all in one solution to send marketing emails, targeted and automated campaigns. You don’t need to have tech skills to design your emails since the drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone to design a mailer.

6] Flock: Having a group conversation over an email can be tedious and time consuming. In a startup environment, time is of the essence and you need a platform that can help communicate quickly with one or more people. Flock is a free group and 1-on-1 chat application for your team. We personally use it and yes it works like a charm. The best part is that it runs on almost devices, including your phones making it easier to reach out even on the go.

7] Canva: If you want to create awesome designs then Canva is for you. Easily design and export Facebook posts, twitter posts, posters, album podcast covers and even your personalized business card, without the need of installing any software. Canva is one tool that will make design easy for you.

8] Pixabay: If you’re looking for free vectors, drawings and photos for your work then Pixabay is where you need to be. The images from this website can be used for commercial applications and also does not require any attribution in form of digital and print.

9] Mentions: This is probably the first and the most important tool every startup should get. The internet is a large space and it is practically impossible to track down every FB post, tweet, article etc that has something written about your brand or products. You need a listening tool that will help you find all conversations around your brand. Mentions cater to that very requirement; in fact it serves as a great tool to find potential leads too.

10]Hootsuite: Managing multiple social media accounts is fun but can get really difficult at times. Hootsuite is a cool online tool that will help you schedule your content for multiple social channels, collaborate with your social media team and so much more.

11] Product Hunt: Discover and get discovered. This is the ideal portal where awesome new products get showcased every day. You can find new products or solutions that can add value to your own organization or you can showcase your own products here.

We bet you’re going to try at least a few of these incredible tools and resources. Feel free to drop in a comment below and share any other tool that is worth making this list.


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