Here’s a Website Security Combo You Can’t Beat


There’s no soul in the world that loves to see his website being battered by spam, virus and hackers. All your work, all the time invested and all your plans just crash along with your site. You really need to get the game plan right in order to protect your website. We can help you with some awesome sidekicks that will literally bullet proof your website. Curious? Read on

SiteLock a.k.a Shield Master

SiteLock is an online security system for all websites. It not only provides security for your amazing website but also runs daily scans to detect Malware and protect your website and its users. SiteLock can “Find”, “Fix” and “Prevent” all sorts of attacks and threats to your website in less than five minutes. Besides security, SiteLock also provides CDN services which is going to boost your site to the next level.

To get more detailed info on SiteLock read: SiteLock Unleashed

CodeGuard a.k.a Time Traveller

No one likes to see their website go down but no one can predict a server crash or hackers hit list. All you can do is prepare for the worst and avoid the time and money consuming process to get your website back up again. Here’s how CodeGuard works to save your work, time and money when disaster strikes.


Yes it does look simple but the technology that drives CodeGuard is pretty awesome. Some of the most popular websites like TechCrunch, Mashable, Yahoo etc rely on CodeGuard for their website Backup.

So before your site becomes the next victim of spam, virus or a hacker attack, we suggest you hire SiteLock and CodeGuard to Knock ‘Em Down. Also, do leave a comment below if you have any queries about these fantastic security solutions.

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