The BIG .COM AUCTION [Terms & Conditions]

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BigRock is proud to announce a very limited time auction where you can buy a .COM domain at the price you want! Here’s how it will work:

  • The auction will run for a limited time on our Facebook page where you can “bid” the amount you wish to pay to buy a .COM domain
  • Every Winning bid will be entitled to get to buy the domain for the said amount

          Sample Comment

Mr.X: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.11 #bigrockauction
Mr.Y: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.12 #bigrockauction
Mr.Z: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.12 #bigrockauction
Mr.A: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.14 #bigrockauction
Mr.B: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.13 #bigrockauction

  • In the above case Mr.X, Mr.Y and Mr.A will each get a coupon that entitles them to purchase for Rs.11, Rs.12 and Rs.14 respectively.
  • Mr.Z will not be able to get his domain since his post was the same as Mr.Y’s but a little late.
  • Mr.B is will not be able to get his domain since the last bid had already gone up to Rs.14 and placing a lower bid is not a valid entry.
  • Bidding to Begin at Rs.10 (this will also be the minimum reserve price, all bids have to be more than Rs.10.)
  • All bids must be in the comment section along with the hashtag “#BigrockAuction”. Your bid will not be accepted if you miss the hashtag.
  • We are offering very limited domains for this auction [200 domains only]
  • You can only bid once so bid wisely.

Below are all the rules associated with the contest:

  1. The minimum value for raising bids is Re. 1
  2. If two individuals bid the same value, the person posting first wins that bid
  3. No individual can place a bid lower than the current bid (Mr.A & Mr.B example above)
  4. Person who wins the bid will be sent a unique code via email/direct message on fb/twitter that they must use on to avail the offer. The code will be sent to you within 48hrs from the time the auction ends.
  5. The auction is applicable for .COM domain available for registration.
  6. This auction does not apply to Premium domains or domains that are available via the secondary market
  7. Bids less than Rs.10 will not be considered.
  8. BigRock reserves the right to deny any Order or cancel an Order associated with this Auction.

We hope you enjoy the Auction and get your dream .COM domain. ALL THE BEST 🙂

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