.co domains are now available!

Over the years, the world has seen almost all the good .com domain names being bought. Any search for a generic .com domain now would probably leave you disappointed. But the newly launched .co domain is here to change that.

Now you can have that domain you have always dreamed of, with a .co extension. Flowers.com, Manufacturing.co, Finance.co – it could be yours. And BigRock is one of the few, exclusive domain registrars that is offering a pre-registration for .co domains of high commercial value.

Register your .co domain

So if you want that special domain, hurry up and grab it from BigRock or call our Support Team now. Remember that this unique pre-registration period closes on June 21st, after which a worldwide landrush period begins and your domain may be registered by anyone.

Did you know?

  • t.co is the latest new URL shortener for twitter
  • e.co sold for a record breaking $81,000!
  • .co is the country-code TLD for the Republic of Columbia

To learn more about the .co domain TLD, visit the website of the official .co registry.


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