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Dr. Ballani is inundated with frantic patients wondering if their symptoms were of the dreaded swine flu. Mostly, it is to seek advice or be prepared in case of an eventuality. Medical practitioners like him are a busy lot, juggling an entire gamut of activities besides their main practice.

Answering a lot of such questions was getting quite tiresome while continuing to remain accessible to his patients, which was his core business. Dr. Ballani was struggling to find the right approach to deal with this and was also looking at setting up his new clinic. As he was known to one of our customers, he spoke to BigRock about how to expand the scope of his work.

The solution should allow him to be flexible, build on his experience and also, in the process, help him to set up his new practice. A website of his own might be able to do that little bit more for him with minimal investment.

Here is how:

  1. Doc Tips–Answer those incessant questions from family, friends and neighbours about little facts, precautions, health tips, dos and don’ts through your website.
  2. Brand You – A successful career is built over years and through recommendations. You can compile a lot of that expertise and your core practice through a web page.
  3. Case Studies – Use your patient cases as a point of reference to build on your own experience and knowledge base for the future.
  4. Be Accessible – Your forte lies in how your patients keep coming back to you through all those years. Put up your schedule on the website for better time management. Create an online system for appointments, enquiries and regular consultation.
  5. Professional Network- Build a network through professional forums and sites and link them to your website. Be accessible to hospital administrators, other professionals and the medical community at large.
  6. Inspire the next – Your practice can be a great source of learning and through your own web page, you can foster and encourage younger medics who are looking for a mentor. Use your website effectively through blogs, feeds etc to reach out to institutions and students. Let it be a window to give back what you gained.

So there it is. There are huge benefits for a medical practitioner to build on the internet. This applies across various fields and branches of medicine.

In fact, we have recently launched our Build-It-For-Me Website plan whereby you can get your website developed through our experts. Get started now!

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