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Every professional intends to go to the next level and growth is the critical piece of the puzzle. But every step towards that goal means investing time and effort towards that goal. The idea would be to promote your business with limited investment and yet, build that enviable credibility and trust among your customers. The options thrown open by the internet are immense. In India, we are still far behind in terms of an economy that thrives on the web.

BigRock realizes the immense opportunity that exists for professionals to use the web more effectively. One of our customers, Mr. Federal, a practicing lawyer approached us as he needed a solution to address the most frequently asked questions. These were largely related to advice on property matters, minor legal tangles and such others. Mr. Federal found it tough to manage his time and was looking for a more efficient way to keep his clients happy. Since he started his practice a few years back, he was also looking at ways of further enhancing and building his legal career.

Based on his dilemma, we highlighted to him the various reasons why a lawyer should build his own Website.

  1. Talk about yourself– Without having to spell that out, we all know that this is an integral part of the profession. So why miss out on another platform to do just that. Write, blog, invite comments, give advice and do everything on the website to showcase your skill sets and what you have accomplished.
  2. Testimonials – A successful career in legal practice dwells a lot around the experience one can build through cases, client feedback, and expertise and so on. A website can be that forum for testimonials, type of work and establish your niche.
  3. Build your network – Networking is a business necessity. A website helps you to connect through your work and practice and allows people to find you easily.
  4. Be ‘Social’ – Being accessible to people will make your work so much easier. Build that Frequently Asked Advice (FAA) on your website on subject matters that you think are most relevant. Answer those questions and you have won yourself a potentially large client list. Link your website to networking forums through LinkedIn and Facebook to make yourself more contemporary.
  5. Academic pursuits – Legal professionals are also actively pursued across academic institutions to address the next-generation with their experience and subject-matter expertise. A website can be a your store house for case studies, moot courts, references and so much else!

More than anything else, legal professionals are social ‘influencers’ and this is a great example to be more adaptive, relevant and creative. Corporate firms, smaller law firms and even practicing lawyers are already on the web. We think that with the shift to new media, this may now become inevitable.

BigRock provides domain names, web hosting and an easy-to-use website builder to develop web-presence solutions for a number of companies and professionals. We can help you to get started!

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