Make Use of This Entrepreneurial Super Power

Superman can fly. Batman has his gadgets. Ant-Man is… um… really small? All superheroes have a special power that makes them great. As a business owner, you have one too. And it’s one you may not have noticed: your confidence. To start your company, you had to be willing to push your boundaries and step […]

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Setup Twitter For Your Business In Less Than 2 Minutes

What’s the next big social networking site after Facebook? With over 316 million active users and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter definitely takes that spot. With so much activity happening every second, most businesses consider this as a great network to interact with their audience. But there are some businesses that have still […]

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.Online Obliterates All New gTLD Records!

If you’ve ever purchased a domain then you know that the name space is depleting, and fast. This led to the introduction of new gTLDs to offer more choices to the customer. Among many to go live in the last 1 year was .Online, a truly generic domain extension. Going live last week, the .Online […]

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Give us 60 Seconds and We’ll Help You Grow Your Business

Here’s a quick video from Diib CEO Daniel Urmann on how to grow your business right now.

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Domain Simplified

You can’t be the master of your domain unless you truly understand what a domain is. Think of a domain as an address on the web —Facebook’s domain is “” and BigRock’s domain is “”. Just like you’d put your home address into your GPS to end up at your house, you’d put “” in your […]

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The Small Business Guide to Google Calendar

It’s a dream as elusive as riding a unicorn, finding the Loch Ness monster, or getting Jon Snow’s perfect hair: finally learning effective time management. Thankfully, with Google Apps for Business, its awesome new Calendar will help you make your dreams come true. (The time management one. The other three are literally impossible.) Calendar has similar […]

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Running an eCommerce business? Here are the security essentials you must be aware of

It’s no secret that India is one of the fastest growing start-up hubs in the world. At the helm of this growth are the plethora of eCommerce companies that have surfaced, each with a unique proposition and a bundle of venture capitalists pumping in a great deal of investment to boost the future of the industry. Read more…

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Blogger vs WordPress SEO Factors | What to Choose

Blogger and WordPress are the most used content publishing platforms , but, when coming to start a website or blog every one have a dilemma to choose which on of them. Read more…

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How to Use Images in Email Campaigns

Unless you’re a “Nigerian prince” begging for cash until his “bank account” gets “unfrozen” and he can “pay you back,” there’s no reason your emails should look like spam. Unfortunately, when you leave out images in favor of all text emails, your newsletters can seem more low-rent than professional communication. According to a recent study […]

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10 Open Source CMS for building beautiful eCommerce sites

We found this amazing article on Hongkiat that we thought would be a perfect fit for our audience so we had to chalk it up asap. We’re sure as a web designer you must’ve made hundreds (if not thousands) of eCommerce sites. We’ve curated a fantastic list of 10 Open Source CMS for building beautiful […]

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