Saving Private WHOIS


If you’re like one of us, you value your privacy. If you’re an E-Entrepreneur, you Seriously value your domain name. Both these invaluable commodities are now on threat – ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is considering altering rules around Privacy/Proxy services such that anyone can get access to your personal information (even if it’s protected) by simply claiming intellectual property infringement. They wouldn’t even need to provide evidence.

To make matter worse, the other proposed change will prohibit privacy protect for domains classified as being used for ‘commercial use’. Such domain owners will lose the ability to protect their personal information on the web.

If you think this sucks then you’re not alone. The internet is up in arms against this cause. Protecting WHOIS privacy is a critical aspect of consumer privacy and we respect that. This ability should be available to all domain registrants, irrespective of the type of website they operate.

If you consider your privacy to be important and if you want to protect your domain name, visit and sign a petition to protect your private information. You may want to hurry, the matter is in discussion till July 7th, make sure you weigh in before it’s too late.


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