BigRock Exclusive – Interview with Alex Berry, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Services at Neustar


In the wake of the .BIZ campaign launched by us last week, we caught up with Alex Berry, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Services at Neustar, and asked him a few questions about BigRock’s new .BIZ campaign and the initiatives being taken by Neustar to promote .BIZ in emerging markets.


1. What brings Neustar to India?

India has become an increasingly vital cog in today’s global economy, with many Indian businesses looking to expand their reach and become truly international. Neustar is aiming to educate these Indian entrepreneurs on the importance of creating a website for their business and how .BIZ is the perfect home for their business online.

2. Why now?

We have always been excited about emerging markets such as India. Over the past few years we have seen the internet & telephony market rapidly expand in India and we believe this is a great time to invest here. India’s English-speaking population is growing at a tremendous rate, SMBs are flourishing and we see that as an opportunity for greater traction for .BIZ.

3. What is the rationale of partnering with BigRock for .BIZ?

BigRock is an established leader in the domain name and web hosting space in India. The company brings a strong understanding of how to effectively communicate the benefits of a .BIZ website to Indian businesses and we value their local context. Additionally, BigRock’s history of helping international companies access Indian markets will help Neustar navigate new business opportunities for .BIZ in India.

4. What is the brand proposition of .BIZ?

.BIZ is recognized internationally as the domain name that means business,giving small business owners a proven way to enhance their professional image.

With a .BIZ name, businesses can:

  • Boost their bottom line by reaching local, regional and even global buyers
  • Make sure their web address represents their brand: who they are and what they stand for
  • Get strong search results with a short and memorable name that is more likely to be available with .BIZ
  • Join a community of self-starters and entrepreneurs

6. How do you plan to pursue the Indian market on a long-term basis?

We will continue to invest in local business and community partnerships to educate Indian business owners on the importance of moving online, as well as promoting and protecting their online assets.

8. How do you perceive the upcoming new GTLD process? Does this help newly emerging digital economies like India?

New TLDs will give India and other countries around the world more freedom in choice to represent themselves uniquely online. These new names represent the next generation of the internet, one that will expand the way businesses, organizations and individuals can identify themselves on the web.

A formerly saturated marketplace of .COMs, the next generation of the internet will be expanded to include a new world of domain name choices for emerging markets such as India.

9. What are Neustar’s other product offerings for the Indian market?

Neustar enables customers to promote and protect their online presence so they can deliver superior online performance to their customers and greater revenues for their business. Neustar provides the knowledge and tools to deliver the right message, on the right platform, to the right audience, at the right time. From online advertising solutions and content localization, to cyber-attack protection, DNS services and more, Neustar will ensure your business’ success online. For more information about Neustar’s Promote and Protect products and services, visit

10. How are Indian websites predisposed or geared to deal with security threats vis a vis their global counterparts? How do you help them gain a satisfying online experience?

Site performance and security are important factors for every business, Indian or global, as their online presence grows. Monitoring and testing a website regularly can help businesses avoid slow load times and broken shopping carts, both of which can result in lost revenue and unsatisfied customers. Recent studies have shown that a 0.25 second delay is all it takes to lose a customer, and whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 business, every customer matters.

At the same time, while a business’ site grows in traffic and popularity, security can also become an issue. Malicious attacks from outsiders can bring a site down, negatively impacting the brand loyalty you’ve built, not to mention (if you’re an e-commerce site) crippling your ability to actually do business online. For an enterprise, this can be difficult to overcome. For a startup, it can destroy the business altogether.

As your business grows, it’s important to start thinking about the methods and tools to use to safeguard your .BIZ site performance and security, and implementing these tools when it becomes necessary to ensure continued revenue growth.

Neustar provides site performance and security services to help small businesses protect their online presence. To learn more, visit:


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