VPS Hosting with the all new Plesk Add on

With the steady rise of the Internet age, your website has now become a direct connection between thousands of Internet users and your business. These websites can receive a lot of traffic depending on the kind of content it holds. An e-commerce website is a good example of a high traffic website that needs a lot of resources to run smoothly. In these sort of cases, the best solution is not a shared hosting package, but a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Dedicated server.

Every website would need a different type of VPS configuration depending upon the requirement. We realized this fact and introduced 10 different VPS hosting packages, bringing choice and flexibility to you.

Until recently, we offered the cPanel control panel as an add-on for our VPS product. cPanel allows you to easily manage your VPS package, and also allows you to resell hosting from your VPS hosting package. While cPanel gives you the ability to host an unlimited number of domains, we realized that a lot of our customers don’t need to host an unlimited number of domain names. Some just need 5 or maybe 50 websites to run on their VPS. This encouraged us to introduce the Plesk Control panel as an add-on for our VPS product. With multiple price points and capabilities, you now have to option to purchase the control panel you would like to use.

What is Plesk?

The Plesk control panel add-on is just like cPanel. It provides a VPS user with a control panel to manage tasks like adding and managing domain names, adding name servers etc. These tasks cannot be performed by Virtuozzo, which is used for server management tasks you would perform on your VPS package.

Benefits of Plesk:

  • Ease of use: The GUI has been significantly improved from its previous versions to provide training videos, graphical help screens etc, to help you understand how to use Plesk quickly. Plesk also provides one click installations for hundreds of free applications.
  • Security: The new version of Plesk provides support for additional administrators on Linux, hence removing the need of sharing passwords and negating the possibility of the server being compromised.
  • More Options: Parallels has different license options to choose from, thus allowing you to select the package that you want as per your requirement.  

We have introduced three options with our Plesk add-on, in addition to the existing cPanel add-on. The Plesk add-ons differ from each other in terms of the amount of domains that you want to host on your VPS. Have a look at the range of add-ons below.

There are a couple of reasons why you could opt in for the Plesk add-ons. First, it could just be matter of familiarity. Some of you will be more familiar with Plesk as opposed to cPanel. Second, we are offering significantly cheaper prices for Plesk (especially the 10 and 100-domain licenses). If you just need a control panel to manage your VPS package, and are not planning to resell hosting, then you can opt for the 10-domain license, and pay a much lower monthly license fee.

So if you’re ever in need of a VPS hosting service with loads of flexibility, then look no further, we’ve got the solutions tailored especially for your needs.

We would love to hear about which control panel would you prefer to use, between the cPanel and Plesk.

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