Say Hello to the most powerful hosting solution from BigRock

Our product family just grew by +1. Some of you might already know this new member but for those of you who don’t, meet Dedicated Servers, the most powerful hosting solution from BigRock till date. This sweet new marvel of technology just increases your bag of hosting options to choose from.

All three Dedicated Servers, VPS and Shared hosting have their own place and are equally great options, but your needs and your budget are what will ultimately determine the hosting type that is best for your site. I am sure we already know a lot about Shared and VPS hosting so let’s understand a bit more about Dedicated Servers today.

What is Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated Servers is a type of hosting that offers you the resources and capabilities of an entire server, that’s right one exclusive for you 😉 . This means that you’re the keeper of the box; you can run the scripts and install the software that you wish and so much more. Basically you can do as you please as this baby defines control.

What are the benefits of choosing Dedicated Servers? 

Control – You have a great amount of control over the server than you do with shared hosting because you are not sharing the server or any of its resources with anyone else. You are also going to get root access for more resource utilization which you will not get in a Shared Hosting environment.

Stability – Since you are not sharing the resources with any other website on your server you don’t have to worry about other’s practices affecting your website. Also generally when you have more and more visitors on your website the chances are that your website might slow down or even crash. But this is not the case with Dedicated Servers as they easily have enough resources to reliably host several sites, even when they are consistently being bombarded by visitors.

Flexibility – You are the king of your server and you can use it for whatever needs your website has as long as it remains within the allotted memory, hard disk space and bandwidth for the server. If you need to install special software or configure the server to your own particular needs then dedicated server should be your best bet.

Features – These are features that BigRock Dedicated Servers provide

  • Powerful and Efficient SuperMicro Blade servers
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Unlimited storage expansion with our Storage on the Cloud
  • Powered by Intel Xeon processors, RAID 1 Hard drives, CentOS and cPanel
  • Hosted in our state-of-the-art datacenter in Provo, Utah
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 99.9% Uptime

As we mentioned in the beginning, it all depends on your requirement and your budget. The more visitors reach your website the more powerful hosting plan you would need to go for. We leave this for you to decide as you are the best manager of your website 🙂 . If you are ready to take up Dedicated Servers for your website then you can start here.

Do drop in your comments below if you need any help or information about the new Dedicated Servers.

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