The Small Business Guide to Google Drive


You’ve had this nightmare…

It’s late.

You’re up working on an important doc. You haven’t left the desk in hours, except for copious amounts of coffee and the resulting multiple bathroom breaks.

Just when you’re about to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, your computer crashes, you realize you haven’t saved in hours, and everything is lost. You consider drowning yourself in your tepid cup of dark roast.  

Wake up! cause now you’ll never have to worry about such horrors again. With Google Drive part of Google Apps for Work, you can manage your important business files on a cloud-based server accessible anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

For small business owners, this means your documents aren’t saved on local devices in the office and don’t require dedicated, expensive software (like Microsoft Word) installed on your computer.

Think of Google Drive as your eco-friendly, cost-effective, and super chic virtual filing cabinet: set-up folders (e.g.: “Marketing”) and file applicable docs within (e.g.: “Email templates”). You can also invite your teammates or clients to view only, comment or edit on any of these files within the Drive.

Google Drive is also home to our favorite tool, Google Docs, which makes life one-hundred-million times easier by automatically saving your files for you. You never have to remind yourself to save every 20 minutes, or worry about a program crashing and losing your information.

You can also track Google Doc changes in realtime. With built-in chat, you can edit files simultaneously with folks who aren’t in the same room (let alone zip code) as you.

And that’s a dream come true that should help you sleep better tonight 😉

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