Rockstar of Design – The Greatest Web Design contest ever

We believe that web designers and developers are the pulse of our industry. They are the backbone and the catalyst that drive people to go online. We want to bring these unsung heroes to the forefront, we want to allow them the throne they deserve and crown one to be the Rockstar of Design.

Web designers have a very difficult task to create a union between design and functionality, creativity and economy, to create ever beautiful looking websites with the limitation they have been presented. Be it a static website or an ultra state-of-art loaded website with all the great features like flash and custom applications. They produce creative output at an astonishing pace and don’t get to give up till the client is happy.

BigRock is proud to announce the Rockstar of Design contest in association with .Net powered by Verisign. The Rockstar of Design is a one of its kind web design competition to find the best and the most rocking web designer in India. To this end we have setup an ultra awesome stage to search and crown the best designer in our country. The Rockstar of Design is created for one purpose only which is to bring the best Web Designer/Developer in India to limelight. To allow them to strut their stuff and show the world what they’re made of. The contest will run for 1 month, ending on 5th January, 2014, allowing designers enough time to create a brand new Mona Lisa 🙂 – we are very eager to see all great submissions that will be turned in.

With all this, one may ask, what’s in it for the Designers? we’ll here’s what – Does an iMac 27″ Quad-Core i5 3.1GHz sound attractive enough? No? how about what’s most important for any Web Designer – Fame. We’ll go all out in crowning the Rockstar of Design, whole of India will know who is most the Rocking Web Designer in India!

So here is The Rockstar of Design – the Greatest Web Design Contest ever!

The Mission:

To go in to the depths of your creativity, combat all other applicants and emerge with the most Rocking website for BigRock:

  • Create an Android App or a Responsive website for BigRock
  • The deliverable should simulate an entire purchase flow for Domain Names at BigRock
  • Scope of the task will contain front end development and visual design
  • The submission should emulate a fully functional site with a homepage, Support & contact us page
  • No back-end connectivity is necessary
  • Submissions are to be uploaded to Github and the link submitted via “My Account” tab visible once your are signed in
  • Every valid submission will win you a FREE .net domain for 1 year along with a Hosting Package for 6 months
  • The validity of a submission will be at the discretion of the contest judges

So don’t wait, sign up now to stand a chance to win an amazing iMac & be crowned the Rockstar of Design!

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