BigRock Commercials – LIVE!

Since our launch in April 2010, has worked very hard to provide its customers with an easy, affordable and a compelling online experience while booking their web presence products with us.

A few short months and countless nights of hard work later, we are proud to finally introduce Bigrock to the world! just launched on TV on Jan – 19th. This is the first and largest campaign for a web-services brand in the country so far.

The idea behind the commercials is to make people aware of, how, irrespective of what their business needs are, BigRock has the answer. The four commercials that are causing a flutter are right here for your viewing pleasure:

The special online-only commercial V.R Nutraja that has everyone in splits showcases a business owner specializing in nuts talk passionately about how his nuts are the best.

The very enterprising Savitri Bai explaining how her training institute is making waves the world over, after she set up her Bai-training institute.

Yet another hilarious commercial showcasing a star in the making, rehearse at an acting class.

And ofcourse, the last but not the least, is the most reliable Recovery Agent – Happy Recovery Agent, with his unique methods, that guarantee a 100% success rate!

You can also catch these commercials on popular channels like – Star Movies, HBO, Set Max, Times Now, CNN IBN, CNBC, Zee News, Star News amongst several others.

So what are you waiting for? Check to see if your favourite domain name is available by simply SMSing < yourwebsite> to 5 60 70 80.


Team Bigrock

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