The Small Business Guide to Google Calendar


It’s a dream as elusive as riding a unicorn, finding the Loch Ness monster, or getting Jon Snow’s perfect hair: finally learning effective time management.

Thankfully, with Google Apps for Business, its awesome new Calendar will help you make your dreams come true. (The time management one. The other three are literally impossible.)

Calendar has similar functionality to Microsoft Outlook (you can even migrate your calendar from Outlook, Exchange, or iCal), with additional bells and whistles that make it worth your while.

Gmail Integration

If someone sends you a note asking for a meeting at noon tomorrow, Gmail will ask if you want to add the appointment to your calendar.

Group Calendars

Create a single calendar that’s accessible to everyone on your team. You may need this for tracking vacation days or regular recurring meetings.

(Gentle) Notifications

Regular pop-up reminders can disrupt your workflow. Instead, Google Calendar has a more subtle blink to remind you of an upcoming event. To set it up, go to Settings > Labs > Enable Gentle Notifications.

Google Maps Integration

For service-based businesses, this integration is especially handy when you need to get to a client’s site on time (or earlier). Simply add the address into your calendar event, and it’ll pull up Google Maps directions to the site.

Ready to see if it’s right for your business? Get started here.

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