What is a Top Level Domain and how do I decide which TLD is right for me?

Ever wondered what those two or three lettered words that end every website are? What really is a .com or a .net or a .org?
Although these words seem really small, they hold immense importance. This small extension acts as a tail for every domain name & is called a Top Level Domain. A top level domain (TLD) is the suffix that is attached to the end of a domain name. For instance, in the website www.facebook.com, “.com” is the TLD that tails the domain name ‘facebook’.

Every domain name has an extension & this extension is called a Top Level Domain. The world of internet gives you a huge variety of TLD’s to choose from.

There are two types of Top Level Domains:

  • Generic top level domain (gTLD) and;
  • Country code top level domain (ccTLD).

The gTLD’s were created to be used by the public, while the ccTLD’s were created to be used by each individual country.

The most popular gTLD’s are as follows:

.com – commercial
.net – network
.org – organization
.edu – education
.gov – government

Another fact one must look upon is that, these gTLDs come with their individual prices. The price range can vary from Rs 99, and can get as high as Rs 2500. So, depending on your business or profession, the most appropriate gTLD must be selected.

Moving on to the other side of the coin, that is ccTLD’s – Country Code Top Level Domains are numerous (about 243), and include:
.ag (Antigua & Barbuda)
.us (United States)
.uk (United Kingdom)
.de (Germany)
.ch (Switzerland)
.at (Austria)
.bz (Belize)
.in (India)
.jp (Japan)

The TLD represents a key element of the domain name and is one of the key factors in boosting the popularity of your website. This is the last part of the domain after the ‘dot’ symbol. Just like the extension of a file, the TLD is representative of the domain’s type and purpose. For instance, if your website serves as an e-shop or a web profile of your company, then your TLD is expected to be .com or .biz  & If your e-store is targeted exclusively at the UK market, then you will be better off by choosing a .CO.UK top-level domain.


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